EcoTourism and Bitcoin


Spending your Bitcoin can feel….liberating. But what makes spending it on EcoTourism a little bit different? EcoTourism, when done right, is humans living in harmony with nature. And we all know that we can vote with our spending choices and change the world. Eco Tourism loves Bitcoin. 

The Osa Peninsula is a haven for EcoTourism, with two-thirds of the peninsula taken up by Corcovado National Park while surrounded by the Golfo Dulce, a tropical fjord, and the mighty Pacific Ocean. By using Bitcoin and booking an experience at Luna Lodge, visitors can support a sustainable business. powered by the Osa watershed, growing whole foods onsite, and being surrounded by nature, The lodge offers an investment that gives back, just as Bitcoin does. Luna Lodge is the Wellness Center on the Osa Peninsula and its location is unique among even the most popular wellness lodges. High above the Pacific Ocean on the ridges overlooking the Osa rainforest, the sounds of nature soothe the soul. We can show you this colouful experience but only you can feel it. 

We are even offering a discount when paying in Bitcoin. That’s how much we believe in bringing these two investments together. 



Our Bitcoin Special…

Empowering EcoTourism with your Bitcoin!

The Osa Peninsula Waterfalls