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Osa Interactive Gardens Education Center on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is a private reserve and conservation project in the rainforest featuring abundant wildlife, diverse botanical gardens of native and medicinal plants, treehouse platforms, trails, and an outdoor classroom. Located in Puerto Jimenez, only 3 minutes from the BM grocery store.

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Osa Interactive Birdwatching and WIldlife Rainforest Tour

On the 2-hour Osa Interactive Gardens tour we explore the reserve and large butterfly pavilion. Enter the property under the huge kapok tree and cross the bridge over the Ignacia river, where there is often wildlife like herons, basilisk, and caiman. Follow the trail along the river where there is a good chance to see monkeys, macaws, and toucans. Head up to the main part of the reserve to check the frog ponds and the permaculture garden, producing many fruits and medicinal plants. Enter the large butterfly protect and release pavilion and labeled botanical collection with many endemic plants found only in the Osa Peninsula. The gardens can be viewed from 3 tall and beautifully carved treehouse platforms. Your experienced guide will show you how to find eggs, caterpillars, and pupas, and then move to the lab for butterfly breeding operations. This jungle experience is located right in Puerto Jimenez but feels deep in the jungle.

8:00-10:00 am

$30/person, 8 years and under free.

The Gardens Education NIght Walk Tour

This is a 2-hour guided night tour at Osa Interactive Gardens and Private Reserve. Enter the forest and cross a narrow bridge under the huge Ceiba tree. The river is a hot spot for wildlife and we often find caimans, turtles, basilisk, herons, and bats. Walk the path along the river to look for kinkajous, sleeping monkeys, insects, and frogs but watch your step while we look for our slithering scaly friends. We check the frog ponds, where we almost always find red-eyed tree frogs, and if we are lucky, gladiator and masked tree frog, tadpoles, and eggs. We explore the butterfly enclosure to find sleeping butterflies hiding under leaves and many other colorful and strange insects. Exit the butterfly pavilion to hike another winding trail back down to the river, where, with some luck, we find more frogs, sleeping birds, owls, lizards, and a huge variety of insects.

5:30-7:30 pm

$35/person, 8 years and under free.

Photography at Osa Interactive Gardens

Professional, quality photography and easy access to the biodiversity of the Osa. In this workshop, guests have the opportunity to photograph the diverse wildlife of the Osa Peninsula with all of the conveniences of our private rainforest reserve; close to town, easy, well-maintained trails, bathroom, covered area with fans for gear and cooling off. No need to travel far down the bumpy, dusty roads with all of your expensive gear. The trails are scouted the night before and in the early morning before the group arrives, guaranteeing close encounters with some of the most iconic rainforest species, like the red-eyed tree frog and gravity defying basilisk lizards. Osa Interactive Gardens is frequently visited by 4 species of monkey and scarlet macaws are very common. However, macrophotography is where we really take it to the next level. This is an entomologist’s paradise for amateurs and professionals alike. Join us for this 2.5-3 hour unforgettable jungle experience.

Times flexible to guest’s schedule.

$40/person (minimum 2 people) free for group leader of groups 4 or more.

Osa Interactive Gardens Butterfly Structure
Osa Wildlife Red Eye Tree frog
Osa Interactive Gardens volunteers
Osa Peninsula Wildlife

Osa Interactive Gardens is a modern nature center in the rainforest featuring botanical gardens and a butterfly habitat with treehouse platforms.


The Osa Interactive Gardens – Schedule 2021-2022

Please reserve your tours by messaging us from the email tab.

Please wear close-toed shoes. And we recommend you bring a camera, binoculars, insect repellent, sunscreen, and long pants.