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Costa Rica’s natural world is an amazing place to reawaken your senses. And the natural ‘Sounds of the Osa Peninsula‘ are without equal. Containing 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, the Osa rainforest produces incredible diverse sounds. Bring your recorder and capture these amazing sounds.

Transport yourself back to Osa’s natural environment anytime. Just close your eyes and listen. We all know how music can soothe our souls, and now we understand the positive effects of natural sounds in our lives. ‘Sound Therapy’ can be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and offers many health benefits.

There are many natural sounds that can be heard on the Osa Peninsula, and the region’s rich and varied landscape provides a symphony of natural sounds that is as diverse and vibrant as the region itself.

Enjoy the natural sounds of the Osa Peninsula from Mother Nature and OsaTourism.

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Close Your Eyes Listen

Sounds Produced and Credited to Mother Nature

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The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is a region known for its lush tropical forests, diverse wildlife and pristine beaches, and its natural sounds reflect this rich and varied landscape.

The Osa is home to a rich variety of bird species, and their calls can be heard throughout the region, filling the air with melodious songs and calls.

The Morning Sounds of El Remanso EcoLodge

by Sounds from El Remanso Eco-Lodge

The Morning Sounds of Luna Lodge EcoLodge

by Sounds from Luna Lodge Eco-Lodge

The Morning Sounds at the La Tarde EcoLodge

by Sounds from La Tarde Eco-lodge Osa

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