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Osa Market Place

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Leave your money on the Osa Costa Rica and buy Osa Peninsula Local Products that sustains the well-being of the local people.

The Osa Peninsula is a region in Costa Rica known for its rich biodiversity and lush vegetation. It is home to many different types of fruits, including:

Mangoes: One of the most popular fruits in the Osa, mangoes come in various shapes, sizes and colors and are known for their sweet and juicy flesh.

Papayas: Another commonly found fruit in the Osa, papayas are high in vitamin C and are commonly eaten fresh or used in smoothies and juices.

Pineapples: Osa also grows pineapples, and the fruit is often used to make sweet and tangy juices, smoothies and even candies.

Bananas: Bananas are a staple fruit in the Osa, and come in different varieties, such as sweet yellow bananas and green cooking bananas.

Guanabanas: Also known as soursop, guanabanas have a tough outer layer and white flesh with black seeds. They are commonly used to make drinks and ice cream.

These are just a few of the many types of fruits found in the Osa Peninsula, and the region’s warm, tropical climate supports the growth of a wide variety of other fruits, including coconuts, passion fruits, and starfruits.

Mangoes * Papayas * Pineapples * Bananas * Guanabanas * Coconuts * Passion Fruits * Starfruits * Plantains * Jackfruits

Mercado Verde

Puerto Jimenez

Osa Peninsula Farmers Market

Handicraft market, farmer’s fair and Osa Peninsula local products.

Enjoy lunch, coffee, desserts, smoothies, vegetables, fruits, sweets, oils, vinegars, dairy products, unique condiments, grains, nuts, breads, and so much more!

Open Every Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

Osa Market Place - Mercado Verde

The Land of Entrepreneurs

Osa Peninsula Local Products

Osa Market Place

Osa Market Place

Osa Natural – Coconut Oil Products

Hand Made Organic Body Products with Organic Coconut Oil

Fact: one of the local products on the Osa Peninsula is coconuts and it takes 100 coconuts to make 1 gallon of hand-pressed organic coconut oil.
At Osa Natural we use 20 gallons of coconut oil per week. It’s made here on the Osa Peninsular by our local suppliers.
Buying our products helps sustain our local community here is in this remote area.
Osa Market Place

Cocoa Ethika – Ultra Premium Chocolate

Chocolate Lovers

Don’t be surprised to learn that one of the local products on the Osa Peninsula is cacoa. Experienced in cacao processing CocoaEthika continues to pioneer new and improved cacao bean fermentation and curing methods to enable the creation of ultra-premium chocolate that honors the wondrous and potentially endless variation of discoverable flavors incubated within the cocoa genome.
Osa Market Place

Sacred Nature – Jewelry/Watches


Ours is the symbiotic relationship between metal and wood, geometric and organic, feminine and masculine, come together to create unique and balanced pieces. We are Sacred Nature. We work completely by hand with techniques that include, carving, fretwork.

Osa Market Place

BioSur Foundation – Butterfly Jewelry

Jewelry & Gifts

Our souvenir handmade craft only displays real specimens; we use butterflies raised at local farms that are collected after their lifecycle, usually by the farmers themselves. The plants needed to raise them are native species with no other commercial value.

This activity, as well as providing these people with an alternative source of income that significantly improves their quality of life, makes a valuable contribution to their environmental education by teaching local citizens to understand, identify, and preserve species of both plants and butterflies that belong to their environment.

Osa Market Place

Arte Siahuá – Coconut shell art

A little piece of The Osa!

We make Art based on the coconut shell and jicaro, we manage to make pieces with unique and personal designs. Our interest is to project a rustic-fine and abstract art, preserving its essence
100% renewable raw material.

Osa Market Place

La Eco-granja Productos Organicos de Osa – Food & Beverage Company

We are proud suppliers of organic eggs and chickens. We care that our customers receive the best product with the minimum of packaging waste. ORIGINAL UNIQUE ECO FARM PACKAGING 100% BIODEGRADABLE handmade in the traditional way. Our chickens are raised on pasture, not injected, and are raised in a healthy environment.

Colibri Logo

Miel Colibrí – Honey Products

Honey bee! Masks, creams, soaps, etc. We are a family business dedicated to the production, packaging and distribution of honey and its derivatives.
100% Natural Products. Propolis is used as a natural antibiotic, the bees extract it from the bark of the trees and is taken to the hive, they use it to hermetically cover the walls of the hive and thus protect it from viruses, fungi and bacteria.
The use of propolis has many benefits on different parts of our body.

Jade Icecream

Jade Luna Ice Cream – Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade, All Natural Small Batch, Specialty Ice Cream. Made from fresh, local, hand milked cows milk, raw sugar, heavy cream, and all natural flavors. Also Dairy Free Dulce de Leche!

Claires Pies

Clarita’s Pies – Homemade Desserts

Homemade Sweet
– Lime meringue cake
– Peanut butter portion
– Victoria sponge cake
– Banoffee Pie
– Chocolate brownie cake

Osa Peninsula Tourist Information Center

Osa Market Place

Osa Peninsula Tourist Information Center


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